"Fair isle, that from the fairest of all flowers... "

SOnnet to Zante by Edgar Allan Poe




Armonia Mansion is located in Zante town, the historical, religious and cultural center of the island. Here you can visit many beautiful sites such as the historical squares, the church of the island’s patron saint Saint Dionysios and the Venetian Castle on the hill of Bohali. We can arrange VIP transfers so you can travel in style as well as organized tours with a tour guide in order to get the most out of your visit.

Zante town is located in the center of the island. This is a great starting point from where you can visit all the amazing beauties Zakynthos has to offer. The sandy beaches, the scenic mountain villages and the charming old churches are just a few of the places well worth seeing. Let us arrange excursions by private yacht, motor boat, private car or even by helicopter. We are here to help you make the most of your stay in our beautiful island!

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St Marcos Square: The Historical Town Center

St Markos square is named after a Church of the same name, which was founded in 1518 and has the distinction of being the only Catholic Church in Zakynthos.

At one time the Church was a Cathedral for the Bishopric of Kefalonia and Zakynthos, however nowadays this Church is only open in the summer. The infamous earthquake of 1953 destroyed the Church and it was rebuilt - but on a smaller scale. St Markos square played an important part in Zakynthian history, as it used to be the meeting place for people to discuss their ideas. In 1797 the Popolari burned the books of the nobility. A tree in the centre of the square is called 'The Tree of Freedom' and is in honor of when the Venetians lost their rule over the island, only to be replaced by the French. The Solomos & Kalvos museum is located in the square and houses personal objects of some of the most famous Zakythians, such as Dionysios Solomos, Alexander Roma and others, as well as pieces from the Byzantine era. Nowadays many cafes and restaurants line the square and it is a nice place to sit and have a refreshment while enjoying people walking by.

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Solomos Square: The largest Square on the Island

Solomos Square is the main square of Zante Town, the island’s capital.

It is named after one of the most famous Zakynthians, Dionysios Solomos, the poet whose words later formed the lyrics of the Greek National Anthem. A statue of Solomos has been erected in the square. Many impressive buildings surround the square, such as the Church of Saint Nikolaos, which dates from 1561 and is remarkable in the fact that it survived the strong 1953 earthquake and is notable as Saint Dionysios the patron saint of the island served here. Other important buildings surrounding the square include the Byzantine Museum and the Cultural Centre of Zakynthos - which houses the town's library, a small art gallery and other exhibitions along with the town’s cinema theatre.

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Venetian Castle: A historical monument above the Town

The Venetian Castle, on Bohali hill on the outskirts of Zante town, was built in 1480 and only shortly after, part of it was destroyed by invading Turks.

From 1514 and onwards it was repaired and at one point it became the capital of the island. The castle is in ruins today but it is still worth visiting as there are exceptional views of Zakynthos town below and across the Ionian Sea to the Peloponnese region of Greece. Before the Castle was built, there once stood an acropolis on the same sight. The gate of entrance clearly shows the Venetian influence as the Venetian symbol 'The lion of Saint Mark' is evident. The Castle is set amongst pine trees and is a lovely place to visit, for a better understanding of Zakynthian history, the splendid views and also the atmosphere - one of tranquility.

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Byzantine Museum: Byzantine, Postbyzantine and NeoHellenic Art

Today at the large Dionysios Solomos square an impressive neoclassical building is located, which was built in 1959 and its construction was based on the architectural design of architect Spiridon Legeri.

The building with a total area of 1,563 sq.m. has two storeys and mezzanine floors in order to host the masterpieces that were salvaged from the 1953 catastrophe. Some eight hundred works are recorded in the first catalogue of the Museum. The special significance of the Zakynthos Museum lies in the fact that it enables the visitor to appreciate the development of Postbyzantine and Neohellenic art, and offers a full picture of the influences of Western art in the Ionian Islands. The stoa that the visitor crosses to reach the museum entrance is adorned with capitals of "Foscolos" Civil Theatre pilaster, one of the loveliest theatres in the eastern Mediterranean, designed by the German architect Ernst Ziller. In the square stands the statue of Dionysios Solomos, a copy of the original work of the Athenian sculptor Georgio Bruto. When the visitor enters the Museum, he sees "The Litany of the relic of Saint Charalambos" which was painted by Yannakis Korais and responds fully to the three basic principles of Renaissance theatre: the unity of space, time and action. In recent years the Zakynthos Museum has been the venue of activities that enhance its many-sided role as a cultural centre. Exhibitions of works by contemporary artists (from the Pieridis and Frysiras collections, retrospective of Kostas Barbas ) have been held there as well as experimental programmes such as guided tours arranged for persons with special needs, in the framework of the European Horizon project.

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St.Denis Church: The patron Saint of Zakynthos

St Dionysios Church is the most important on the island as it is dedicated to Saint Dionysios the patron saint of Zakynthos and his body is held in the Church in a silver casket.

Founded in 1708, it was updated 50 years later and also renovated in the year 2000. It has a Venetian appearance and the bell tower is a direct copy of St Marco's in Venice. The Church has a lovely location looking over the waterfront and is instantly recognizable when approaching the capital by boat. At night the lights that frame the bell tower create pretty reflections on the water in the harbour. A big festival is held in Zante town for three days, starting on St Dionysios's name day - the 24th of August and the Saint’s body is paraded through the town centre followed by marching bands - it is a time of celebration and is popular with locals and tourists. Next to the church stands the monastery of St Dionysios and a museum explaining the history of the Church and the Saint.


places to visit, not to be missed

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Shipwreck Beach (Navagio): The most famous beach in the World!

The shipwreck is without a doubt the most famous sight in Zante. It also gets referred to by its Greek name "Navagio", as well as "Smugglers Cove".

Most visitors to Zante have already seen photos of the shipwreck before they arrive on the island, as it is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. This picturesque beach gained prominence when a boat was shipwrecked here approximately 20 years ago, after hitting rocks in bad weather. The boat was trying to flee the Greek Navy as it had contraband cigarettes on board; fortunately none of the crew was injured in the shipwreck. The shipwreck lies in the middle of a beautiful white pebble bay, surrounded by white cliffs and blue water that looks like bleach has been added - the colour is certainly impressive. Shipwreck beach can be appreciated in two ways: either by taking a boat trip or by viewing it from above; there is no direct access to the beach. Boat trips depart from many points on the island, such as Skinari, Alykes, St Nikolaos harbour, Zante Town and make for a memorable, enjoyable day out. The viewing platform is near the village of Anafonitria and is accessible by car, where there is plenty of parking and it is well sign posted. One thing is sure, the Shipwreck is not to be missed - and whichever way you choose to see Smugglers Cove you are guaranteed not to be disappointed - it really is breathtakingly beautiful.

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Blue Caves: A unique Natural Sight!

The Blue Caves are located in the north of Zante (Zakynthos) and are one of the best known sights on the island.

The unusual caves were discovered in 1897, with the largest cave being called Blue Grotto. In order to visit them you can hire a boat, or take a boat trip. The nearest point to the caves to take a boat from is the harbour of St.Nikolaos, near Volimes, but trips depart from many other points on the island. The colours of the caves are spectacular and have to be seen to be believed. The area is also ideal for snorkeling.

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Porto Limnionas: Spend your day in Paradise!

Porto Limnionas is located 25km from Zakynthos town close to Agios Leon village. This is not your typical beach. There is a parking lot where you leave your car.

First, you will find a traditional tavern with many delicious local delicacies and an amazing view of Porto Limniona. You then go down steps created in the rocks and start admiring a kind of lagoon with blue and emerald green water. Many of the rocks are flat and so you can sunbathe. The water is almost transparent at many points and extra cold. This is because there are under water currents and an underwater river coming from within a very long and not fully explored cave. It is ideal for snorkeling as there are many other caves, a variety of fish and for the braver ones, tall rocks from which you can dive. A picture is worth a thousand words, so do not miss Porto Limnionas if you wish to see nature at its best!